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Drawing A Blank


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All I see are Minivans!!

When you can make expressions like this, who needs special effects?
So good friends of mine, The Prairie Scholars, are in dire need of a new vehicle as their car died. To help with the effort they wrote a song called 'Minivans'! They have a goFundMe page to raise money. I am putting together a fun video to go along with the song - the goal being get it out quick and make it 'Trippy'. I'll let you see for yourself soon!!Read more

New - Musical Business Cards!

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the incomparable David G Hartman this week. In a few hours we recorded guitar and vocals, made some images, and compiled it all to make a YouTube video he can point venue owners at so they can hear him do his thing! I think this is a great way to help sell your sound.
Keep Rockin out David!!Read more

Georgina Hayns

This is a really cool profile of Georgina Hayns (Coraline, ParaNorman) and what goes in to making a stop motion character. Enjoy!

LED and Flicker

Yes! They certainly do flicker.

I was shooting video (not taking single stop motion frames) for some effects stuff I was working on. I was shooting at 60 frames per second because I will be slowing down the footage to make a slow-motion version to composite onto a stop motion piece shot under the same lights.

So, the flicker was extremely noticeable in the video. The stop motion, not so much.

The strobing is captured because the much higher frame rate catches all the on/off of the LEDs. Once in a while you may…Read more

For your home studio

So, Pro-tip:
If you're going to set up a home studio, make sure your floors don't vibrate when you walk across them. Or else be like a ninja.
Actually, Pro-tip 2: Always stand in the same location when you snap a frame. I noticed that if I stood next to the tripod, or if a friend was down there, the camera was actually LOWER. The floor gives. Those of you on concrete wouldn't have this issue. Just be aware.
Another reason to always stand in the same place is that you may be reflecting light back onto your set…Read more